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Smartphone Game Controller Wireless Bluetooth Phone Gamepad Joystick For Android Phone TV Box Joystick Wireless Joypad Gamepad

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Product Description

100% New Bluetooth Gamepad For Android Phone Smart Box Joystick Wireless Bluetooth Joypad Game Controller,Gamepad gaming controller for android smartphone

(Dear,Please note that the item is not worthy of the use of the computer on Bluetooth Receiver 2.4G receiver,if you need to connnect to computer or tv box ,have to place order to buy one pcs 2.4G signal receiver adapter,this listing is only Gamepad and brasket,Thank you !)

How to play games from this bluetooth gamepad ?

Just download simulator games from Android market, or download simulator APP, inside there, you will see lots of simulator games, all these are supported.

Please note, standard games are not supported, shall be via simulator, any question please mail to us .Note this gamepad does not have vibration !

Many friends do not know how to reboot, follow these steps:

Press the reset button on the back and try it again. Don’t disconnect the power cord and then press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds with the sharp object in the back hole to allow him to continue charging.


Support system:Android 4.0 up platform

Battery: Rechargable Li-Battery
Color: Black
Material: Plastic
Size: Approx. 15*11*4.5cm(L*W*H)
Net weight: About 135g

1. Stably support for multiple devices like smart phone, pad, TV, TV box with Android platform 4.0 and above.

2. Bluetooth wireless connection, may freely manipulated without delay within 10 meters.

3. Download supportive games, mobile phone connected directly without ROOT, wtihout having to install drives, without having to set up the key mapping.

4. Joyfully enjoy the massive games in the market, and Support multiplayer mode.

5. Up to hundreds of games, not only can support Android platform games;it also supports the classic arcade game emulato like GBA PSP, etc.

6. Fine dual analog joystick, precise cross key and 14 action buttons,ergonomic design, comfortable keys feel.

7. Smart power-saving sleep mode designed to effectively enhance the efficiency of the battery, providing longer playtime.


About game handles:

1. What games can you play?

A: Any handle can only support the game of the specified game. The original game is a touch-screen version. To download the handle version of the same game from the game room where the handle comes with the QR code, the original game login data is not. Change) to support the current hot Tencent online games: CF desert island special training, wilderness action, Terminator 2, glorious mission, millet shooter and other popular chicken games, King glory, Dragon Valley, Contra, every day speed, all gun battle , Modern Warfare, Brothers, Invincible Soldiers, King of Fighters, Dungeons and Warriors and other popular games.

2. Can Apple support? Need to pay and jailbreak?

A: This product supports Android and Apple. There is no need to jailbreak. Currently the game is free.

3. This handle is easy to use, hard to use

A: There is no bad use, only it will not be used. From the touch screen to the use of the handle, the middle needs to adapt to the process of the handle. For those who are passionate about the game, this is definitely not a problem. For the little white, if you are willing to learn humbly, this is not to mention. Of course, if you are too lazy to learn, then Can only be awkward little by little on the phone.

About VR glasses:

1. What sources can be seen?

A: The video used must be left and right format video. The centerline of the video should be aligned with the centerline of the glasses. Otherwise, ghosting will occur. Try not to use panoramic video for the first time. Games and video software: Orange VR, 3D broadcast, Storm mirror, Storm, Iqiyi VR, etc. (Currently free to use).

2. What mobile phone can be used? how to use?

A: The mobile version of the VR glasses does not require a mobile phone system, as long as it can be put in (usually within 4-6 inches). The source used is as above. The mobile phone downloads a good video on the inside of the glasses. The video centerline is aligned with the center line of the VR glasses. Depending on your vision, adjust the focal distance to the interpupillary distance (glasses can be worn beyond the visual range) until the best viewing effect.

3. This product is good?

A: Our products are all original authentic, high quality materials, excellent workmanship, design in line with human science, with a good source and mobile phones, the effect is very shocking.

Tips: This section nearest the handle support online game Cross Fire CF Naruto Battle glory of the King of Freedom for All God over all the people assault, this game must be downloaded before using grape game room (to use: a good game arcade download link Bluetooth handset It can be used directly! This Gamepad support lots of games just download from Google Play market.

Important Note Pls,This gamepad does not have vibration,pls note.

Package Included:

1 x Wireless Controller

Dear, this model our factory offer the new package, old package is named F300,new package is named C8,both of them are same .difference giftbox. please be attention .Thanks ,we will send it Random

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